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Far too often, women make the mistake of doing their own makeup, or even worse, not wearing any corrective makeup for camera, prior to a portrait shoot. A portrait shoot can consist of professional head shots, as seen here on my “About The Artist” page, as well as a photo for a dating profile, a corporate website and even family and maternity photos. The most common reasons I hear from women choosing not to hire a professional makeup artist are:

  • They believe they can do it themselves.
  • Their untrained friend will do it for free!
  • It’s not worth the money.
  • They had a bad makeup experience.
  • YouTube tutorials look easy. Not!
  • It costs more than they want to pay.
  • They don’t see the value in hiring a pro.
  • They don’t ever wear makeup.
  • They worry they will be unrecognizable.

When I decided to update my professional head shot, I knew that I would be using it, not only on my website, but on all of my business, social media and marketing materials. On occasion, I am also asked to submit my head shot for certain freelance opportunities. I invested in a professional photographer to help me get the best photos and true representation of myself.

Do you think that if I tried to take my own photo, I would have had amazing and professional results? Absolutely not. I knew that in order to prepare for my head shot, I needed a professional photographer. I also needed to have my hair, makeup and clothing choices on point and camera friendly. It would have been a waste of my time and money to not have all of these elements in place for the best results.

Portrait shoot makeup is not everyday makeup. All makeup products are not created equal, in that there is professional-grade makeup which is meant for photography. There are industry rules and techniques in camera-ready makeup for photography that you could not possibly know or be able to execute on your own. You need to have a fine-tuned understanding of how lighting affects makeup. Camera-ready makeup is not about how you will look in person. It is meant to bring out your features, in the best way possible on film. Even if you never wear makeup, the camera and lighting magnify everything in a way that corrective makeup is to your benefit. I promise!

  • Make your investment worthwhile. You are paying hard-earned money to have a professional photo taken.
  • Makeup artists are trained to work with photography. Most people do not realize that makeup translates much softer in pictures than in reality. Makeup artists have the skills to adjust the makeup to compensate for the fact that you will be photographed.
  • Avoid expensive retouching fees. That money you thought you cleverly saved by doing your own makeup will most likely be spent and surely exceeded with the hourly retouching fees your photographer will charge you. Most photography packages do not include retouching as it is a very time-consuming process. With a professional makeup application your skin will look camera-ready and you shouldn’t need any, or at the very least, minimal retouching on your photos.
  • Treat yourself. It’s not every day you get a professional photo taken of yourself. Take this golden opportunity to go the extra mile for yourself to look and feel great. I promise you will thank yourself!
  • Increased confidence. It is scientifically proven that when you look great, you feel great! You walk taller, you smile bigger and brighter, and you feel empowered. Trust me, you will shine in your photos as a result.

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