Photo by Ace Amir


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With HiDef and digital photography, it is important to work with professional grade makeup designed to work with lighting and the camera. Whether you are having professional portraits for business, social media, maternity shoot, family photos, or a dating profile, you can trust Anabelle LaGuardia Makeup Artistry to work with your personal style to provide a camera ready, long lasting and flawless makeup application.


  • Make your investment worthwhile. You are paying hard-earned money to have a professional photo taken.
  • Makeup artists are trained to work with photography. Most people do not realize that makeup translates much softer in pictures than in reality. Makeup artists have the skills to adjust the makeup to compensate for the fact that you will be photographed.
  • Avoid additional retouching fees. With a professional makeup application you shouldn’t need any, or at the very least, minimal retouching on your photos.
  • Treat yourself. It’s not every day you get a professional photo taken of yourself. Take this golden opportunity to go the extra mile for yourself to look and feel great.
  • Increased confidence. It is scientifically proven that when you look great, you feel great! You walk taller, you smile bigger and brighter, and you feel empowered.

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