NYC Makeup Lessons

It can be a little intimidating for some to sit at a high-traffic makeup counter where you are on display with tons of distractions and a sales person pressuring you to purchase product. This scenario happens all the time. I have many clients with a supply of makeup product, but have absolutely no idea how to use it all. 

Scheduling a private one on one makeup lesson will teach you the skills you need, and give you the confidence to do your makeup like a pro. Lessons are catered to your skill-level, whether you are new to makeup or are more advanced in your skill and are wanting a new look. 


  • Lesson in the privacy of your location.
  • Review of your makeup and skin care to determine what to keep and toss.
  • Learn product and tools suggestions.
  • Brush technique and care are explained.
  • Detailed demo with guidance as you recreate.

One on one or group makeup lessons are available. 

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