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Anabelle LaGuardia has worked in the industry as a professional makeup artist for 20 years. In 1999, Anabelle embarked on her desired career path as an aspiring makeup artist with the prestigious NYC Laura Geller Makeup Studio on the Upper East Side. Under Laura’s extensive training and mentoring she ascended the ranks to become one of the studios top requested Makeup Artist for studio clientele, high-profile weddings and events.

In 2003, Anabelle launched Anabelle LaGuardia Makeup Artistry to provide on location makeup concierge services to NYC, the Tri-State area and to destinations beyond. She maintains a loyal referral network of brides, event planners, venues and photographers. Since 2008, Anabelle has been featured in the exclusive wedding directory of New York Weddings Magazine published twice a year.

As of 2010, Anabelle has continued to receive the prestigious Couples’ Choice Award for her high caliber of work, attention to detail, five-star reviews and thorough customer service. Inquire within to learn more about the Artist, Anabelle LaGuardia.

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We do not offer wedding hair services. We have an extensive wedding hair referral list exclusively available to our brides that have secured their wedding date with a signed contract and non-refundable and non-transferable date retainer.

Wedding bookings start at $825, which includes airbrush foundation and custom applied faux lashes for 4 (bride + 3). A full size touch-up kit for the bride is provided. For the past 20 plus years Anabelle has had the pleasure of building wonderful relationships with her brides, all while providing them with a full service on location and customized pampering experience.  Each bride and wedding is unique. Anabelle strives to understand your needs in order to help you determine if she is a good match for your wedding day vision. Anabelle would love to have the opportunity to connect with you to learn more about you, your wedding, vision, expectations and how she may best help you with the service options we offer. 

In your research you may be experiencing some sticker shock at some of the quotes you are receiving . It is especially confusing for you when you see such low to high price ranges depending on who you are researching. You may even think Makeup Artists are all the same and left to base your decision on price. The good news is we are not all the same and here is why.

Many brides have never hired a professional Makeup Artist before so they understandably have no idea what professional on location wedding day makeup services should cost and what to budget. Makeup Artists base their rates on factoring in covering our time (phone calls, emails, creating contracts, time actually spent doing makeup), expertise (newbies at the lower end, more experienced at the higher end), cost of materials (makeup, skin prep items, disposables, tools, brushes, lighting), insurance, education, and many other costs of doing business (studio space/rent, utilities, internet, phone, marketing and advertising).

When researching wedding Makeup Artists, look at their level of experience, what kinds of reviews do they have, are they a solid business and reliable. Begin your research in advance in order to be able to budget accordingly to secure the level of experienced Makeup Artist you are seeking.

Anabelle cannot speak for every Makeup Artist out there, but when you work with her, you will have peace of mind knowing she has been in the wedding industry for over 18 years with a solid reputation. Anabelle takes pride in offering personalized customer service,  while utilizing industry trusted professional grade products to ensure flawless, camera ready and long lasting results. Brides who have worked with Anabelle tell her they knew they made the best choice in hiring her because they could trust she would be able to work well with their entire bridal party offering diverse looks to suit each person’s skin type and needs. In addition, Anabelle’s brides have expressed how calm and assured they were by the manner in which she listened incredibly thoughtfully and was open to both input and experimentation, as well as able to make them look exactly the way they had hoped. Brides often comment on how much peace of mind Anabelle gives them with her calming professional demeanor as well as being professional, punctual, reliable and responsive with communication.

Natalie Winkelman, Gotham Hall, NYC

“You weren’t too pushy with the makeup and you were confident in your application. You clearly were experienced. I never had a moment where I thought, “Uh oh, what is she doing?” I also appreciated your responsiveness – made me know that you take your job very seriously. I felt like I could trust you. I could just sit back and let you do your thing.”

This concern comes up often. It’s understandable that budget may be a concern for you and some members of your bridal party.  Some brides may feel added pressure to find a cheaper, less experienced Makeup Artist because they feel uncomfortable asking their bridal party to spend money on beauty services. This is one of the most important photographed events of your life.  You as the bride deserve to be the deciding factor of who you hire to bring out the best version of you and your bridal party. Food for thought, did your bridal party decide who you chose as your venue, florist, photographer, your wedding dress? Why should your decision on beauty services be an exception?

Some brides think that makeup for the bridal party isn’t as important of an investment as it is for themselves and will use that objection as a reason to hire a less experienced Makeup Artist. This could not be farther than the truth. How many weddings have you been a bridesmaid in where you hated your makeup, the experience wasn’t pleasant, the Makeup Artist didn’t listen to you or make you feel beautiful? It’s an awful experience that no one should have to endure. 

Professional makeup services for your wedding is an investment towards the quality and end result of your wedding photos that you will look back on for years and decades. There are no do overs with your wedding makeup and photography. If you can afford to gift your bridal party with professional makeup services they will surely appreciate the gesture. If it is not in your budget to cover the full cost, there are many ways to work this out with your bridal party to ensure you have who you want to work with.  In those cases, some brides will give their bridal party the option to get their makeup done or let their bridal party make their own arrangements. Some brides will opt to cover a portion of the services to offset the cost for their bridal party. There is nothing more special than having a day of pampering with your bridal party as they celebrate you!

Danielle Mamelok, Rockleigh Country Club, Rockleigh, NJ

“After the wedding is over, a lot of your memories are through the pictures that were taken. When I look back at my wedding album in 5, 10, 15 years, I want to see how great my bridal party and I looked, among other things as well! Makeup on your wedding day can make or break your pictures. Remember, you want to look the best you possibly can when you marry the love of your life. If makeup isn’t important to you, what is?!”

Anabelle provides on location makeup services for photo and video shoots, head shots, private and group makeup lessons, maternity and family portraits, special events and proms.

Anabelle has extensive experience with all skin types and ethnicity.

Zara Mogilevsky, Essex House, NYC

“I was very worried that my makeup artist would not be able to work with women of different ethnicity and skin tones.  I was also worried that my bridesmaids and I would look fake or too made up. When Anabelle came over to my apartment to do my makeup trial I remember speaking with her about my concerns directly. She assured me that she had worked with brides and bridesmaids of all different ethnicity and skin tone – she even cited specific examples from her previous work.  This really helped to calm my nerves.  Having Anabelle do the makeup trial on me and seeing what the makeup would actually look like on the big day reassured me that everyone would look their best and not overly made-up.”

Absolutely! Anabelle loves to teach! She offers private and group makeup lessons. Your lesson  can be catered to what you want to learn. Anabelle will go through your makeup and tools to advise what to keep and toss. She will show you a demo on one side of your face and will guide you as you duplicate the other. You will get clear advice on what new colors and products are best to add to your collection. A tutorial on using makeup brushes and proper care is included.

Maureen Trainor Politi, Private Client

“If I had to rate a make up artist from 1-10, I rate the education, experience and outcome a 15. Anabelle LaGuardia is amazing and gifted. Her work is impeccable but more important she teaches and tells you why things should be done. Awesome experience if you struggle with colors or application in your current makeup routine. Do you want to camouflage something, appear to look younger or simply want a new look? Five stars from me.”

Anabelle works with trusted professional grade camera ready, long lasting and cruelty free products to ensure you look naturally flawless in person and professional photography.

Custom applied faux lashes and airbrush foundation  are included with every makeup application. Airbrush foundation is a unique long lasting formula in a wide range of shades for every skin tone. The formula is silicone based and non comedogenic. Foundation is sprayed through an airbrush gun powered by a compressor. It appears natural and photographs beautifully. The key benefits of airbrush foundation are a natural and flawless complexion with long lasting durability. It withstands heat, humidity, sweat and tears. It is transfer resistant and will not rub off on your dress, guests or groom. It may also be used to blend tan lines, tattoos and imperfections. Traditional hand applied foundation is also available and Anabelle will help you decide which approach is best for you.

There are no do overs on your wedding day and it  should be relaxing as you get ready. A trial is necessary to ensure we are a good fit for each other to ensure that you are comfortable spending the day together and will love how your makeup will look come wedding day.

Kate Schiller, The Water Club, NYC

“My biggest concern was to find someone not just great at what they do, but also a pleasant person to have around. Morning of the wedding day is very stressful, a lot of people with different personalities in one room, photographer is constantly in your face. I think getting a great team of vendors is very important to achieve that Zen in the midst of chaos. Anabelle was just great. She made me feel comfortable, listened to my ideas and concerns about makeup, even the fact that we could use foundation of my choosing was very important to me.”

Alexandra Abshere, Cedar Lakes Estate, Port Jervis, NY

“My biggest concern was finding someone I felt I could trust, and genuinely liked, who was capable of achieving the look I wanted for my wedding, natural and simple, as well as that of my family and bridesmaids all of whom wanted something different. Anabelle listened incredibly thoughtfully and was open to both input and experimentation as well as able to make me look exactly the way I had hoped.”

Anabelle will come on location to you with a full professional makeup kit and portable lighting. Trials are most often scheduled during the week. However, weekend trials may be an option based on availability around other weddings and client bookings.

During your makeup trial Anabelle will ask questions about your wedding-day details, as well as your skin, how you plan to wear your hair, personal style, wedding day vision, comfort level, and so forth. The better understanding of these elements, the smoother the process will be to achieve the look you envision for your wedding makeup. Anabelle loves open communication and feedback. There are no do overs on your wedding day when it comes to professional makeup and photography! Help me help you is Anabelle’s philosophy! Your makeup trial is a collaborative effort where you and Anabelle will work together to get the look you want just right to ensure you are completely in love and excited with how your wedding makeup will look!

Danielle Mamelok, Rockleigh Country Club, Rockleigh, NJ

“One of my biggest concerns was finding a makeup artist that could make me look my best. I wanted to look natural and have makeup that would last throughout the entire night. I also wanted someone who was professional and trustworthy. Your wedding is a very special but stressful day. You want everything to go exactly as planned, and having a makeup artist that you know you can count on definitely helps take some of the edge off.”

Bring a photo of your dress and inspiration photos or a Pinterest board of makeup styles you envision for yourself. Natural and dramatic makeup have various interpretations. Inspiration photos provide a clear idea of your comfort level and style. Read here for more tips for a successful trial.

Wedding dates are first come first serve and tend to book out as early as 8-12 months in advance, especially during popular wedding season months of May through November. Dates can only be secured with a signed contract and a 50% non refundable and non -transferable date retainer. Schedule your trial as soon as possible in order to have the opportunity to secure your date.

Checks are not accepted. You may pay by cash or credit card, including American Express. For wedding date retainer and wedding day balance, credit card only.

One makeup artist can accommodate up to 7 people. For larger groups, or a later start time, an additional makeup artist(s) for an additional fee can be provided with advance notice to guarantee availability.

To ensure a relaxed experience, and to guarantee you and your bridal party are on time for your photos, Anabelle factors in buffer time and allocates 1 hour for the bride and 45 minutes per each additional. Closer to your wedding date, when your photography timeline is finalized, she will work with you, your hair stylist and planner, if applicable, to coordinate a day of timeline that will be emailed to you to share with your bridal party. This will ensure that everyone is on time to make your day run smoothly and efficiently as it is important not to hold up your photography timeline. Anabelle’s past brides have always expressed their appreciation in not having to worry about being on time when they have a schedule prepared for them to give to their bridal party. It is one less thing for them to think about when there are so many other details taking precedence.

Anabelle offers the options of do and go or she can stay with you all day through photos and ceremony for an additional hourly fee. For the do and go option, once the last makeup application is completed, final touch-ups will be provided before packing up to depart.

Professional makeup holds up throughout the day, but it is often a very long day, and some touch ups do need to happen as you will likely cry and could be standing outside with your bridal party under the blazing sun during photos and ceremony.  Many brides don’t know that they can hire their Makeup Artist to stay with them through photos and ceremony. In fact, some Makeup Artists don’t even choose to offer this service. This is one of the things that makes Anabelle different as she saw a need that was not being met. Anabelle offers hourly touch-up services for the bride that wants touch ups by Anabelle through photos and ceremony. This is often the most popular choice with brides during the summer months with photos and ceremony often outside.